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quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2017

* B.D.R * free stuff and Fav*

I'm back, girls!
I apologise for the absence but sometimes the RL makes it confusing!

I bring new things and for free! Curious, see with me the description below!

♥The outfit I'm wearing is beautiful comes with HUD, to change the skirt and even the top... it's a very old store in our second Life B.D.R. ..::: Beautiful Dirty rich:::..., in my beginning of Second life was of the great shops of the time and continues to amaze... the name of this outfit and...::: Beautiful Dirty rich:::... La Bohemia GG and just have the group, this is also free so pick up all the gifts from the store! They are all very beautiful and with quality!

♥The hair I have is one of my favourites in Second Life, it's from the store ( r e d ) M i n t also an old woman if you can call her, because she's in SL a long time ago. This hair has the following name (R) m hair, No. 48 ' 17 (brunettes) and I advise you to visit the store! I think it might surprise you.

♥The land is my find, found in the destination guide of SL and I can say that I loved... Lovely to make pictures!LM:

sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2017


(Last days)

Hello girls!|today its Friday, and e have some news!
Come on, let's go!

♥Girl with Ponytail!
* Hair: Truth Ambriel (Group gift fee 350l), gorgeous and surprising , the best SL store of hair without any doubt!
* Dress: Karla dress from hilly Hallan to the WOH (women only Hunt), adorable available in two colours (mint and pink) only but with some quality that hilly has accustomed us! I strongly advise you to do this hunt has beautiful things and in the land of hilly Hallan there are more gifts!
* Shoes: Phedora Viviane for the Woh (women only Hunt), only in a color and a texture but are brutal, sexy and bold, those shoes we want in our inventory!

♥Hair Girl with fringe:
* Dressed by: Apliqué chic, I already mentioned this look here on the blog, and still available at the event VSSR until 20th of this month! Run and get him!

The pose is also from Hunt WOH (women only Hunt) is from BellePoses-friends! In this hunt there are several gorgeous items and poses, a good hunt for the girls who like this kind of stuff!

Kisses & hugs

quarta-feira, 14 de junho de 2017

Avi Fashion & V.I.P (Very Important Purchase)

New Fashion Groups! 

Avi Fashion
(Very Important Purchase)

Hey, girls!
Today I bring you something a little different but I think you deserve a little attention!
Then let's Go!

We all love being fashionable and knowing the latest news in SL, that's obvious!
There are groups, blogges and more!

Today I come to talk about two recent and growing groups!

♥The first, and I am suspicious because I am one of the owners, is the group V.I.P (very important purchase), it is a group I would like to see growing and put there the best of SL, be in the gifts that are going to exist in SL even in the news, we are currently accepting applications for designers as well as curious girls and who want to be part of it and keep it fashionable!

♥The other group is AVI fashion, from my dear friend Mimosa Devin... But this group is not recent and maintains a fairly large number of good designers and there appear there is news, because our designers make a matter of always posting news! So I strongly advise you to join these groups because many good things will come through them. Search the SL below I leave the images and I will leave the key group!
Enjoy yourselves as much as we do because the aim of these groups is to have our inventory full of good things.

Hugs and Kisses 

quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Let's take a walk!

Apliqué chic

Hello, Girls!
I'm back!

And the summer too, apparently and in my country, of course!

So I bring a beautiful outfit for a boat ride, at the seaside or even for that date we have plans!

♥It is a set of dress, hat and shoes in various colours, for various bodies, has a good finishing are the store Apliqué chic and is available in the VSSR event!

♥The suitcase is from the Angel Deluxe store and Imagine! It's a gift! So let's get him, this in the VSSR event!

Hugs and Kisses

terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

Beach time!


Hello, Girls!
Yesterday I announced on Facebook the blog a beautiful photo with a clothing from the WELLMADE store.

Now it's time to know the name and much more about this outfit!

♥The name of this outfit is Samira, come with a HUD to change color, 4 colors more specifically, are summer colors that we love. This set is the pasties and the cover up.
I can say it's a pretty sexy outfit but I confess I expected more from the WELLMADE store, it's creative yes, but for me I'm not much of a fan of the cover up textures. You can find this outfit on VSSR EVENT.

♥The hairs from the EXILE store, I'm a big fan.
It's an old gift but they look great in pictures and bring HUDs in various colours exile gina is the name of this awesome hair!

The eyes are beautiful to die are from the store V/S.
They have 21 fabulous colours. I really like this designer, although I know it a little while, eyes and make up, are the strong point without any doubt. Without forgetting that he is a catwa developer, he deserves the credits attributed to him. It has been the eyes that I have used in the last photos and also the make-up, more precisely the lipstick. These products are available at VSSR event.

segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2017

Lisbon South bay! moments!


Hello, Girls!
I apologise for the missing weekend but I'm back! Yay

♥Today I bring a bold but more formal outfit... the shop 
*CRANKED* has, at the VSSR event *, these trousers and this short coat with fur. The trousers serve in various mesh bodies and has several models.
♥Now the short coat, reminds me without doubt my adolescence, old school but very sexy, exists in two colours.

♥The pose is from FOCUS store, and is in the VSSR event *, the name of the pose is friends 36 and brings the accessories, the selfie stick and a skateboard too.

Kisses and Hugs

*just click to LM.

quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

Sexyness time!or not!?


*Angel deluxe* *BLOSSOM* *SALACITY*

Hello, girls how are you?♥
   ☺Well it is today's news day, opening the event VSSR, and we wait there for you. (I know I'm a nag but I like to show what's good, and the VSSR is good). 


♥So this time I bring a bodysuit from the Blossom store, it's gorgeous, it's wonderful and great quality! Comes with a HUD, can add the the rents in the belly and back or withdraw them, and its simply marvelous and comes in gorgeous colours. Fit in several mesh bodies Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Tonic.

♥Our male model of the photo has a camouflage shorts from the Angel Deluxe shop comes to mesh bodies TMP, Slink, Signature and also fitmesh.

♥The chair and stars in the photo, are also in the VSSR event and is from the Salacity store. The chair brings a full menu. Solo, couple and much more, I think it's those things we should have in our inventory!

☺Hugs and Kisses☺

Special days!

Special days!

Good morning, girls!

One more day and this is special! Today begins another round of the virtual Secrets sales room, we have party at the land at 3pm await you! 

But I like news and good things, I bring you some more beautiful clothes, which you can find at the VSSR event!

♥This time I bring you a clothing from WELLMADE, a very beautiful skirt with frills, comes with HUD to change texture, very simple to use.

♥The top, is from WELLMADE , also comes the HUD to change texture, and has a
lovely texture and varied colours.

♥These two items from WELLMADE are compatible with various mesh bodies slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, Ebody, TMP and Fitmesh!

A good choice for hot summer days!

♥Shoes, I love shoes!

♥They are from * Sohoe* and also available at the VSSR event.
These shoes are wonderful and bring a full HUD, change the colors of the shoe, the wires and the sole of the shoe... are very beautiful and are compatible with Slink, Maitreya, Belleza.

  • So girls waiting for you all on VSSR event. Hugs and Kisses. CM