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quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

Its Summer Time! at VSSR! *LFW*

Its Summer Time at VSSR!

Hi girls how are you?
Today I bring fresh news, this bikini from Le Fashion Whore, its simply adorable and sexy!

♥Comes with a HUD and with some wonderful textures, and is compatible with the meshes bodies we use (Slink,Maitreya,Belleza).

☺The Le Fashion Whore, have great clothes and shoes, with exceptional quality, is a recent brand but continues to improve and innovate and, off course, surprise always, a in the Virtual event Secrets Sales Room.☺

This Bikini is an exclusive to the VSSR event!

LM <------here!

hugs and kisses

segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

YK and *SoHoe* shoes! uau!


Hello girls! How are you girls?

Bring fresh news.
Look at this dress, of our dear YOKANA, this dress is super cute and there's compilation of accessories with the same pattern.
This dress doesn't bring HUD, and is for the meshes bodies, we're used to. (SLINK, MAITREYA, BELLEZA).You can find it on Virtual Secrets Sales Room.

The shoes ... What can I say ... are equally wonderful. Are from * SoHoe * shoes and will be on Virtual Secrets Sales Room as well. Bring HUD to change the soles, and is for the SLINK, MAITREYA, BELLEZA and TMP feets.

 Hope you like these tips.

As you might already know (if not, you should!), the VSSR event always starts, 1 of each month and ends the 20 day of the same month. below I leave our LM so. .. VISIT US.

sábado, 27 de maio de 2017

Scandalize goodies!

Feeling like a Star for free!

Scandalize LM <-----here much more gifts

 Hello, my beautiful avatars!
Today I bring you this wonderful look from Scandalize! The outfit is free and also the shoes! Both come with HUD to change color, and I can tell you ... I REALLY LOVE IT! Well, when you have quality and originality together, is impossible not to love it!

Talking more intimately, this clothes are very sexy and the shoes are gorgeous,both with a simple HUD system! The outift is for the known mesh bodies of the market (Maitreya,Belleza,Slink,etc..) but the shoes are only for MAITREYA.

Group has a fee to enter (100L$)

Yanikka,thank you very much for it! 

 Kisses CM

A special thank you to my partner and best friend for helping me in this photo, thank you YunaLiah Fang.

P.S: Pose by Focus Poses 

sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2017

ZooM at VSSR ! Summer time!

Summer time!

Well,VSSR is back on 1st of june and come with a New Land, new decor for this season and much more.

Today i bring you a sexy top from zOOm ... with a HUD to change color and texture, awesome!
The cost of this product is 149L and i bet its a bargain...beacuse good textures for a good price.

My hair is from Truth... A NEW RELEASE( love it so much)...but unfortunatly is not free, the cost of this hair is 300L and come with HUD to Change Position of the hair...all at front the back as you see in pic... amazing... Truth Hawks is really, the best , great job amoung the years so is a must have item.

segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Happy BDay [Cynful] Clothing & Co. ! ♥♥♥

Happy BDay [Cynful] Clothing & Co. ! ♥♥♥

This weekend the store [Cynful] Clothing & Co. made 8 years in second life and gave us some very beautiful gifts with some designers. I can say that quality reigns in every gift and that is a great purchase for us avatars thirsty for gifts ... I leave photos and description of some of the ones I liked but visit undoubtedly deserves 5 minutes of our time.

Romper : BUENO for Matreya; Belleza and Hourglass;


bracelets and earrings: MG - Bracelets and Earrings - Daisy Chain