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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Prom Summer time! *LFW*

Dress: Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Gown with HUD
Corsage: #11 Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Corsage RARE(gatcha)

Hello girls! excuse my absence here on the blog, but the SL and even my RL are a mess! But we're back and imagine! VSSR is back! This time the theme is Summer Prom! New decor and a sample of designers of excellence!

♥♥Today I bring our Sponsor Le Fashion Whore, and with this dress felt a Princess, I think should be the feeling of a Prom!
I just have to say wonders this dress comes with HUD with different colors and you can combine it with the shoes of the *SOHOE SHOES** ! The shoes have named Cinderella Sandals and comes with a HUD to match the dress of Le Fashion to be homosexual, we can say that it was a lovely team! so girls, Congratulations! these are gotta go find in Virtual Sales Room Secrets Event August!

Shoes: *SOHOE SHOES** Cinderella Sandals

quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

feel like a feather ! *KT CREATORS FESTIVAL*

dressed by: Design Clothing and Architecture -  Gina Mini Dress - Sage Blossom

Hi, Girls! Here I am! Another novelty from KT creators!

This dress and these shoes! They're at least in my Wow list. They are from design clothing and architecture and also did not know the store and loved her clothing, since I did a survey on the MP, which can click on the link and peek. These clothes are compatible with various mesh body models and wraps too! So great buy! Look at the KT Creators Festival.

hugs & kisses

terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017


Bikini and hat by: ~EccentriciXi~

Hello, Girls! Here I am again and now I know only the KT Creators festival but are so many amazing things that many designers have sent to make blog that I liked to do everything at once but so I will do gradually!

This time I bring a very beautiful bikini that brings a hat too! I was, like, wow! It is beautiful demias, with the floral pattern and with extreme quality and with various body models, for me, I confess, besides surprised, I was very happy with the discovery of this store name 
~ EccentriciXi ~ and can find it also on the KT creators festival!

segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Restfull place in KT CREATORS FESTIVAL

dress by: TRS Ariel Dress Rainbow Beach 50% to World Autism

Hello, Girls! Today is Monday and needs to be urgently from a place to rest after a tiring day of work!
♥I will show you this garden set of TMG that is beautiful, brings this gorgeous gazebo co m very beautiful sofas with sounds throughout the environment! You can find lo at the KT Creators festival with other ensembles such as Amazon, Hazed Forest and much more, check the festival!

♥The dress is from TRS , which I already knew and continues with the great work, this dress, calls if Ariel and 50% of the sales of his value is for the cause of this KT creators festival so pass through there! They're going to love the decor of the place, I've been there and loved it!

Hugs and kisses

sexta-feira, 14 de julho de 2017

Ready?! Start today KT CREATORS FESTIVAL

dressed by: .:S.C:. Midsummer Primrose Collection - Red

Hey Hey girls! 
Here we are again with more items from KT Creators Festival. I am en sung with the attention of all the designers and also for the great team that is formed. And I make the blog of each of the designers very fondly for helping in this event and cause!

♥This time I bring a complete outfit of .: S. C:. Sheba's Closet, and girls! It comes with all that I have dressed including the headband of flowers that is beautiful!
I put myself here because today the show begins, and with this I mean the KT creators festival so my girls let's go there and help in this cause so noble and also neglected, it is not easy to live with it but with patience and love everything is resolved but also need funds for various things because it has diverse needs! You can start here, .: S. C:. Sheba's closet has various outfits like that, gorgeous and creative!

Hugs & Kisses

quinta-feira, 13 de julho de 2017

Lets go to the Big Event KT CREATORS FESTIVAL

Dress by: Ever An' Angel - Midnight in The Garden - Red Crys

When I saw this dress I thought: I don't know if I like it, but I like it, but after I walk with it a bit, for I admit that gala dresses are not my area, I enjoyed it immensely, has only this texture and is beautiful with many details, it is only in Fitmesh but manages to adapt to the Maitreya body, hiding some parts, also did not know this store but I am very surprised , designers with quality and creativity, congrats to Ever An' Angel for this gorgeous dress!
This dress is for the event KT Creators Festival so the LM is there in the event image, on the blog;

What about this set of feathers on my head?! What do you think? I found it super gorgeous and it combines divinely with the dress. The name of this accessory is the shades of grey headpiece The stone's works store, plus a designer who has not known and that surprises me by the positive. The photo accessories are from Stone ´s Works, the necklace is beautiful and can be used in events but also in the day to day with some jeans will be super well, at this moment to me my jewel of election in SL. So and again I congratulate these creators who strive but are unrecognised and have a great job. These pieces will also be available at the KT Creators Festival, visit girls will be amazed!

Hugs & Kisses

quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

mhmm I wish people come to KT Creators Festival

Dress by: !MiNT! Zoe Dress 
Decor well : !MiNT! Pixie Wishing Well  - Red
Hair: {Limerence} Denny hair-Browns

Hey, girls! These days will be intense for the blog! With the KT Creators festival, I want to show you the designers who are there because this event has a cause and clear these designers deserve recognition for the beautiful work they are doing, so here I will try to do my part!

♥Look at that beautiful well... it's very cute and how come you can make beautiful pictures and have it in our home garden! It's from the store !Mint!, and I can say that I didn't know her work up here and I am amazed because it shows an excellent quality and clear to this event this well is something very original!

♥♥Now the dress... girls look at this dress! I'm delighted... It's what comes in the photo, simple and sexy with the detail of the belt and in color pink and blue can meet Lo also at the KT Creators Festival*, it's from the store !Mint!. And it was as I said above very surprised by the positive with this designer and the SL continues to hide good designers!

♥♥♥-my new passion is called {Limerence} and for already just bought a hair, this one that comes in the photo, which is wonderful and i love it so much! I found the store by case on my ride by Flickr and decided to go visit and I found this beautiful hair! The hair costs 250l and is the price for each color pack! The fatpack I confess I didn't see but I leave the LM here.

They're waiting for more news coming around!
Hugs and kisses
Carla M. Eyren
* This Landamark is on site,inside the Oficial Logo of the event, just click on it and you get there;

terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

Standing here waiting for you!♥

Hello girls, ready for another week? Here we go, with many new features ...

♥1st-the Second Life blog by Monigal will show the designers of KT Creators Festival will happen from July 14 till 30 July to benefit Autism, Lets support this cause!

♥2nd- Needs some clothes for a sexy night, for a night out and you'd like to feel sexy! I'm going to show you this outfit of zOOm. a dress in black lace and transparent, sexy as always zOOm's clothes do not cease to be very very bold ... This dress this VSSR event! Still got 9 days till the end of this round so let's her to visit the event.

Dressed by: zOOm Nicole Dress

sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

what?! not ready? * Angel deluxe & LYA & EARTHWORX*

Background: [ isuka ] get out backdrop (gift from Group)
Dress:LYA - Karina Dress
Hair:TRUTH Taja - Brunette

Pants & Accessories:Angel DELUXE - Pack 1 Chino Pant;
Hair: Action Mesh Hair Paul Veganic V2;

Hey, girls!
News! Free background, clothes for the boyfriend and us! For this romantic exit, where they keep us waiting, because they're in that comfy chair.

The girl has a gown from the store LYA that is at the VSSR event! Comes with a HUD to change texture and it's simple and sexy! The shoes I've already told them on the blog! The hair... One of my favourites of TRUTH Taja! Affordable clothing in the stand Lya, look out for the event!

The boy has a ANGEL DELUXE trousers that are full of details! They bring a chain and it's a lot of charm in a single avatar, right or not? The chair where he sits also is in the VSSR event just like the trousers and accessories! This chair brings individual poses and couple, so in case you say that this new designer VSSR, the EARTHWORX, is completely to be congratulated!

quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2017

LYA & Daintree Home & Decor

 Daintree Home & Decor for VSSR
♥A different way of seeing these beautiful chairs, this decoration fascinated me by the colours and simplicity... I decided to show this set out of a house and yes on the outside... because it is very cozy this set and looks good in any corner! It is from Daintree Home & Decor that first entered the event VSSR, so welcome! and Great choice ♥
♥Well on the store Lya, this in the event VSSR for the first time and brings in the bikinis bold and with beautiful colours! For now this store can only find it in the MP on the VSSR event! I think the picture says everything! Super Bold and sexy!
♥The shoes were Gift from the REIGN store for the 4th of July! I can say just: Wonderful! A beautiful gift of dying... as we are accustomed to the quality reign would not expect any less!

Y O K A N A for VSSR

YK - Hawaiian Top & Hud
YK - Pareo Skirt & Hud
YK - Summer Wedge Sand
YK - Asymmetric Beach Nude
Hello, girls, Good morning!
Another day in our world of clothing and accessories and beautiful things in these second life!

♥Today I bring a set available in the VSSR event of our long-time designer Y O K A N A. She comes with this wonderful top that is Fitmesh and brings a HUD, very beautiful textures and much to do with this seasoning! The Pareo is also beautiful and comes with simple colours but that look great with the top. The shoes are also from the YK and simple but wonderful, the suitcase is too available and is different and bold! My criticism is that it is worthwhile, these simple things that make a beautiful and wonderful avatar!

terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2017

LFW for VSSR & gift from MODA

Le Fashion Whore - Isabelle Bikini LM VSSR

I'm back, girls!

♥Today is the day of good things! It's 4th of July and in some places, in America and Independence Day to commemorate MODA launched a free gift open to the public very beautiful as you can see in the photo! It comes in white and black and they're wonderful! I'm honest I wasn't very confident but I was and I loved it! So run to go fetch LM up!

♥Bikini is from Le Fashion Whore and how it comes is sweet! Brings a HUD to change textures and I can say that my avatar was very sweet with him! With
Le fashion whore, we are accustomed to this quality and creativity so thumbs up to our Lee and thank you very much! You can find this bikini at the VSSR event until July 20th.

Blossom for VSSR! news, Poses and much more!

Bikini and skirt : ::BLOSSOM::  - for VSSR July
Sandals: *S0H0E Shoes* - for VSSR July
Pose: Pose 34 from SS3 Female Fatpack Hover Stand v1.02

Good morning, girls!
And let's show some of the VSSR event!

♥Today we have BLOSSOM... our beloved Blossom and her sexy and very beautiful clothes! The bikini that comes with the HUD to change textures, that to me are beautiful, some with glitter,I adore! The skirt, comes with HUD too and has this particularity of the gradient, going to change from one color to another, that I loved too much! With these gorgeous wires, I'm relieved!

♥Now the sandals! They are from SOHOE shoes and are equally inspired! Full of details and bring HUD to change the color of the details! They give a more relaxed but sexy look really sexy!

These beautiful clothes and shoes serve in the bodies we are accustomed to see and use! For me, no doubt.... Wonderful creators and should be in the top... and no, it's not because they're at the VSSR event is because they make a excellent work!

The Pose! I found this pose creator and studios in the marketplace and I am delighted! Quality even in the simplest pose stand that is a pose stand! For me it deserves 5 * review! See the link to MP or even the LM will love the store! the name of this is 
SecondSnaps // Second Habitat!

Hugs & Kisses

sábado, 1 de julho de 2017

New Round VSSR ! ready! NESSMARKET , Blossom , Le Fashion Whore, SoHoe shoes and much more

Hello, good night, girls!

And for today's news in our favourite event! VSSR! New land and always delirious with the summer, this time we have new designers, with new creations and of course the designers who are already part of our event... are family ♥.

♥This time I bring a novelty of the event and also a great designer! NESSMARKET...
This gorgeous bikini comes from this designer and brings several models that can find in the land! It comes with several models for various mesh bodies and for me it looks great for those hot days in SL!