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quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Haters gonna hate! and imagine WE LOVE IT *KIB*

Girls Dress: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Dress 99L$ (each color) Darkness Event
Hat: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Hat FREE -LM:
Glasses: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event

Guy clothes: KiB Designs -Sonnenrad Suit - 199L$(each color) Darkness Event
Glasses:KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event 
We're back! Today's work day!

I bring these outfits of KiB Designs, which have had involved in an incredible controversial comments because supposedly for some people is very hurtful thing! But for me it is a very beautiful outfit, with many details and worthy, yea of controversial comments but by the positive and the good work of the designer, for the good application of textures for everything because this outfit is beautiful for both man and woman! And with an extra price accessible! So run and enjoy this gorgeous outfit of KiB Designs in the Darkness event and also the hat that is Free in the land of KiB Designs, and enjoy yourselves!

Some walk around!*LFW* *SOHOE*

Dress: Le Fashion Whore - Blossom Dress - Fatpack
Shoes: *S0H0E Shoes* Cinderella Sandals 

Hello girls!
 Today I bring you news from two events!

♥One of them is Twe12ve (just open at 12th august), I bet you all know! Our Designer and sponsor Le Fashion Whore is there and I decides to show up her awesome dress!
Sexy with HUD to change very simple texture to use and as they can see with a different texture on the belt that I loved and that can also be modified on the HUD! So look for her at the Twelve event.

♥The shoes are also from a designer who is at the VSSR event, from *S0H0E Shoes* and is running and selling in our land of event, so do not loose it!

segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

Comming Home *Appliqué Chic*

Dress: AC:  Prom Sparkle Sunset 
Necklace: .:cheeky:. Boho jewelry! Necklace Rose

Hello girls more news from the VSSR event!

♥This dress?! What do you think? It's too beautiful. And imagine it's Appliqué Chic and it costs only 10L $. I love him of passion and for me will be part of my inventory for a while!

♥ The necklace is from.: Cheeky:. And it's a gift from ALOHA FAIR. It's Super cute!

quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2017

Prom Night! *KIB* *.EscalateD. *

Dress: KiB Designs - Satine Gown @VSSR
Hair: .EscalateD. Bella - VSSR Exclusive

Hello, Girls!
Me and my absences I know! But I bring many novelties not only of the event VSSR but also some gifts groups, so be attentive!

♥Today I bring this gorgeous dress of KiB Designs , it's the first time in the VSSR event and I can say it's a wonderful premiere! The dress has varied textures, which can combine them to your liking, also brings with the bracelet that is a Dollarbie in the event VSSR! Great choice for Gala dress!

♥The hair is from the .EscalateD., I can say that it is a hair with HUD has a tiara and this also, is a unique VSSR! This also has a gift available at the VSSR event!

quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Prom Summer time! *LFW*

Dress: Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Gown with HUD
Corsage: #11 Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Corsage RARE(gatcha)

Hello girls! excuse my absence here on the blog, but the SL and even my RL are a mess! But we're back and imagine! VSSR is back! This time the theme is Summer Prom! New decor and a sample of designers of excellence!

♥♥Today I bring our Sponsor Le Fashion Whore, and with this dress felt a Princess, I think should be the feeling of a Prom!
I just have to say wonders this dress comes with HUD with different colors and you can combine it with the shoes of the *SOHOE SHOES** ! The shoes have named Cinderella Sandals and comes with a HUD to match the dress of Le Fashion to be homosexual, we can say that it was a lovely team! so girls, Congratulations! these are gotta go find in Virtual Sales Room Secrets Event August!

Shoes: *SOHOE SHOES** Cinderella Sandals

quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

feel like a feather ! *KT CREATORS FESTIVAL*

dressed by: Design Clothing and Architecture -  Gina Mini Dress - Sage Blossom

Hi, Girls! Here I am! Another novelty from KT creators!

This dress and these shoes! They're at least in my Wow list. They are from design clothing and architecture and also did not know the store and loved her clothing, since I did a survey on the MP, which can click on the link and peek. These clothes are compatible with various mesh body models and wraps too! So great buy! Look at the KT Creators Festival.

hugs & kisses

terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017


Bikini and hat by: ~EccentriciXi~

Hello, Girls! Here I am again and now I know only the KT Creators festival but are so many amazing things that many designers have sent to make blog that I liked to do everything at once but so I will do gradually!

This time I bring a very beautiful bikini that brings a hat too! I was, like, wow! It is beautiful demias, with the floral pattern and with extreme quality and with various body models, for me, I confess, besides surprised, I was very happy with the discovery of this store name 
~ EccentriciXi ~ and can find it also on the KT creators festival!