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terça-feira, 12 de setembro de 2017


Full clothes set included boots: YEN GATCHA - Queen of Hearts

Still with bad behavior of the VSSR event!

This complete set of clothing is from the YEN store a premiere at the event but with a lot of style, as it is a gatcha full of dresses Tchann equal to this... this one has a detail I love that is the speckled blood such as boots and panties! And you also bring the lollipop... Love come try the luck in the Gatchas of the YEN store in the event VSSR!

If you want to see better this dress look my FLICKR!

Pose of the Frimon store, I think it is an old gift

domingo, 10 de setembro de 2017


BLOSSOM & .{SO}. & Porcelan
Bikini: ::BLOSSOM::Puddin' Bikini 
 *Po* Sexy Toy Tray Display - Pink
.{SO}. Best Friend @ VSSR Gift

♣Another journey through the world of bad behaviour!

♥We have a super bold bikini from the Blossom store... very short but very sexy... with a HUD to change the color to the same small detail... This hud and genial and beautifully conceived... congratulations Blossom by the Execelente work we wait for more!

♥The dildo kit already spoke in the previous post please go to peek, also find it in the VSSR!

♥The Teddy... the best friend! Loved is something super sweet and a good companion of the shop Sweet obcession, and  imagine... is gift in the event VSSR so everything running to have this best friend!

Hugs & Kisses

sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017


LFW & SOHOE & .{SO} & Porcelan for VSSR
condoms: Le Fashion Whore - #62 KITTEN WRAPPED CONDOM - BLACK (various gatchas)
Toy Trap Display: *Porcelan* Sexy Toy Tray Display - Pink
Dress: .{SO}. Bad Reputation
Boots: *S0H0E Shoes* Chastity Boots
All this itens on VSSR BAD BEHAVIOR 
Hello Dears
Another round of our favourite event, and this month with a delightful theme... VSSR BAD BEHAVIOR
Full of things, at least, adorable and to make us happy and sexy!
Come on, the list is up!

♥Let's start with Le Fashion Whore, a loving gatcha with condoms, dildos, pillows, lollipops and much more advice to come visit and surprise yourself once again with our LFW!

♥Afterwards, the store Porcelan that now begins with its own mesh and very bold with a set of vibrators and sex toys in various colours and believe they are prettier than in the photo!

♥The dress is from a recent designer also, the name of your shop is Sweet obcession, and I know the work closely as it comes extremely sexy shows breasts... I love it!

♥And last and not forgetting some shoes that we should always have in our inventory... are from Sohoe shoes and combine with that sexy outfit we have lost in the inventory, which will make us feel even sexier!
All these products meet if at event VSSR and are available until September 20th!

The pose is from the shop CS (come soon) and was a freebie! But visit the store many beautiful poses!

Hugs & kisses

quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2017

Nikita from MONOMANIA

Hello my loves!

♥I'm back and with news as I said! My friend Agatarosa with the help of my partner gave me this challenge of blogging for MONOMANIA! If you do not know who she is, I'm already saying that you're the one who loses the best of SL.

♥A brand new but with everything to succeed!

♥Today I bring you this outfit of shorts and top that gives by the name of NIKITA, it is a very dear clothes! Gives that look fashion and very in ... the shorts are open to the front as you can see and the shirt / top is very very bold! Gives in several bodies so I think a great acquisition! And the tattoo, name MONOMANIA - Oriental Flowers Tattoo ... beautiful! Full of color and with many details also of  MONOMANIA ... a great job! And I was looking for a tattoo for some time and I loved her with passion!

Kisses and Hugs


terça-feira, 29 de agosto de 2017


I came back from my great holidays!
and full of news! 

♥For today I come to cover a top that I adored a designer specially known for making clothes for Femboys, CUBURA(here link for MP)! But this top is something divine and very female! So I bring it here to the blog I think it deserves the purchase because it has a accessible price and it is available in various colours and gives in various models of mesh body, and also a review there on the marketplace! Girls run out there! I'll leave the MP up there!

The hair is from the EXILE... my beloved EXILE, this super fluffy hair still is 50L because they participated in the fifty Lindens Fridays, and are worth a lot, it is too beautiful!

♥The shoes are FREE... go get them from MODA store, comes in the colors silver and gold and are something... mmm appealing to have in the inventory!

Hugs and kisses 

quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Haters gonna hate! and imagine WE LOVE IT *KIB*

Girls Dress: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Dress 99L$ (each color) Darkness Event
Hat: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Hat FREE -LM:
Glasses: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event

Guy clothes: KiB Designs -Sonnenrad Suit - 199L$(each color) Darkness Event
Glasses:KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event 
We're back! Today's work day!

I bring these outfits of KiB Designs, which have had involved in an incredible controversial comments because supposedly for some people is very hurtful thing! But for me it is a very beautiful outfit, with many details and worthy, yea of controversial comments but by the positive and the good work of the designer, for the good application of textures for everything because this outfit is beautiful for both man and woman! And with an extra price accessible! So run and enjoy this gorgeous outfit of KiB Designs in the Darkness event and also the hat that is Free in the land of KiB Designs, and enjoy yourselves!

Some walk around!*LFW* *SOHOE*

Dress: Le Fashion Whore - Blossom Dress - Fatpack
Shoes: *S0H0E Shoes* Cinderella Sandals 

Hello girls!
 Today I bring you news from two events!

♥One of them is Twe12ve (just open at 12th august), I bet you all know! Our Designer and sponsor Le Fashion Whore is there and I decides to show up her awesome dress!
Sexy with HUD to change very simple texture to use and as they can see with a different texture on the belt that I loved and that can also be modified on the HUD! So look for her at the Twelve event.

♥The shoes are also from a designer who is at the VSSR event, from *S0H0E Shoes* and is running and selling in our land of event, so do not loose it!