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quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Haters gonna hate! and imagine WE LOVE IT *KIB*

Girls Dress: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Dress 99L$ (each color) Darkness Event
Hat: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Hat FREE -LM:
Glasses: KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event

Guy clothes: KiB Designs -Sonnenrad Suit - 199L$(each color) Darkness Event
Glasses:KiB Designs - Sonnenrad Glasses - 1L$ Darkness Event 
We're back! Today's work day!

I bring these outfits of KiB Designs, which have had involved in an incredible controversial comments because supposedly for some people is very hurtful thing! But for me it is a very beautiful outfit, with many details and worthy, yea of controversial comments but by the positive and the good work of the designer, for the good application of textures for everything because this outfit is beautiful for both man and woman! And with an extra price accessible! So run and enjoy this gorgeous outfit of KiB Designs in the Darkness event and also the hat that is Free in the land of KiB Designs, and enjoy yourselves!

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