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quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

Prom Summer time! *LFW*

Dress: Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Gown with HUD
Corsage: #11 Le Fashion Whore - Summer Prom Corsage RARE(gatcha)

Hello girls! excuse my absence here on the blog, but the SL and even my RL are a mess! But we're back and imagine! VSSR is back! This time the theme is Summer Prom! New decor and a sample of designers of excellence!

♥♥Today I bring our Sponsor Le Fashion Whore, and with this dress felt a Princess, I think should be the feeling of a Prom!
I just have to say wonders this dress comes with HUD with different colors and you can combine it with the shoes of the *SOHOE SHOES** ! The shoes have named Cinderella Sandals and comes with a HUD to match the dress of Le Fashion to be homosexual, we can say that it was a lovely team! so girls, Congratulations! these are gotta go find in Virtual Sales Room Secrets Event August!

Shoes: *SOHOE SHOES** Cinderella Sandals

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